We serve the following industries:

Health Care-Non-Profit-Hospitality Industry: Restaurants,Fast food chains and Hotels - Real Estate Investing/Holdings - Home Owners Associations - Real Estate Portfolio Accounting - Trade/International Business - Travel Industry - Fuel Industry - Wholesale and Retail: Sports, electronics, cell phones, apparel, textile, scrap metal. Call for additional industries.

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    Health Care Industries

    We have a dedicated team, certified and experience in medical billing, to facilitate your process without having to incur in expensive salaries.

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    Non-Profit Industries

    Our experts know how to navigate on the IRS pool of restrictions and benefits to obtain the best scheme for your institution. The non-profit business is subject to a delicate balance and choosing the right code, structure and exceptions, is crucial to prevent tangles and ensure a smooth operation of the business.

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    Hospitality Industry Industries

    Restaurants, fast food chains, hotels. A friendly and efficient accounting firm is keyto the smooth operation of this industry.

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    Real Estate Investing Tax impact Industries

    Real estate investment has tax implications that might have a strong impact in the financial outlook of the individual or the corporation. Consulting and analyzing prior to the transaction or business structure might save you thousands of dollars.

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    Managing Real Estate Investment Industries

    Investing in real estate could be a very profitable business if done right. But overlooking or underestimating expenses is a common mistake. Having an expert review of your estimated transactions yield, rental income projection, equity projection, cost analysis, budget, financial projection and tax scope will prevent costly mistakes and increase your profit margin.

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    Home Owners Associations Industries

    Home Owners Associations are often faced with the option of hiring a firm to manage the community or managing themselves, which is a more affordable option. But billing, financial reporting and collection might be a lengthy, complex and a costly task, usually becoming the number one reason why Home Owner Associations hire an expensive management company. A great alternative is hiring a CPA firm to handle your billing and financial reporting, leaving more money to your community, so you can focus your attention on keeping up the place and pay for those seasonal flowers you always wanted.

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    Trade/International Business Industries

    In today's environment, it is easier for businesses to expand globally. Currency exchange, trade fees and taxes, are a portion of your business that should be looked up by experts. Previous to the transaction, the deal should be carefully analyzed to ensure the best scenario and maximize your profits.

Wholesale and retail: Customized to specifics of business category, we provide expertise for sports, electronics, cell phones, apparel, textile and scrap metal.